Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Back to!
. Yes, after Eddie’s badgering we have decided to enter the world of blogging. I must admit I’m new at this and not exactly sure what I’m doing, but my hope is to have it all figured out before Munchkin’s arrival. My plan is to eliminate my monthly e-mails and instead post a new blog every month complete with pictures of us, Eddie & the new baby. So instead of clogging your mailbox with e-mails…if you’re in the mood to see a bunch of baby pictures please feel free to check back in to whenever you like!
. In other news…most importantly my & Munchkin’s health is very good. Munchkin is growing big & strong and my previous placenta issues have corrected itself. So we’re planning on a natural deliver sometime around Eddie’s 2nd birthday. Josh continues to be in denial, but I’m successfully working around that. Our freezer is full with over 20 pre-prepared dinners, Eddie’s birthday gifts are wrapped & ready to go, and my hospital bag is packed (mostly with treats & gifts for Eddie and 4 different potential take home outfits for Munchkin).
. So in the meantime, cast your vote for boy or girl. If Munchkin is a boy, there will be a bris on the 8th day (when born on a Monday, the bris would be the following Monday). If Munchkin is a girl, there will be a baby naming ceremony that we will plan for a sunny Sunday this summer.
. We look forward to calling everyone when the big day arrives!


Hadley said...

Good luck, Kari! We can't wait to hear if Munchkin is a girl or a boy. . . Since I've just gone back to work, though, a girl (and the summer naming ceremony) would work much better with our schedule. :)

We're looking forward to seeing Eddie again - hopefully before Crabfest '08!

ALi said...

Does Munchkin have any name possibilities for us to vote on? ;-)

Aunt Diane said...

Seems to me Eddie was early. Glad your bag is packed. I am hoping for a girl - would like to buy something frilly. :-) Hey - if the Patriots win Sunday, maybe you could name her/him Brady?? just kidding...