Friday, July 4, 2008

Crabfeast 2008

It's hard to believe its been five years since Josh & I were married. It's amazing how we can still remember our wedding day so vividly and yet we can no longer remember life without our boys. We've done a lot in our five years together, fun trips, bought a house & a car but most important to us we created a home & became a family. Sure we may spat like an old married couple ( & we definately still appreciate a good early bird special) but at the end of the day we're still two kids in love.
Five years ago, Josh decided he wanted to celebrate our anniversary every year surrounded by close friends and family...actually, that's not entirely true. Josh was looking for any excuse to go to the Italian market in Philly and buy a bushel of crabs, it was right about the time of our first anniversary and so our annual Crabfeast was born. We honestly love nothing more than a low-key day at the pool, eating crabs and hanging out with our family & friends. Thanks to everyone who made the trip out to join us.

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Hadley said...

Looks fun, Kari and Josh! I'm sorry we had to miss it. Caitie would've had a blast, and would've fit right into that crawling/toddling gap that none of the other kids were in. We'll make it next year. And hopefully we'll see you in August.