Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I wish I had a camera...

Well something really cool happened today. After a long, tired & hot morning during which the boys & I walked to Mother Goose hour at the library, followed by a good healthy walk to the grocery store & Costco. We came home hot, sweaty & a bit cranky. I locked the doors to the fun outside & insisted we hang out in the air conditioning until we all perked up.
Eddie pulled out this small motorized turtle that his Cousin Taylor had given him. It runs on a continuous loop of twists & turns. Eddie loves to pick it up & put it back down to run on the track. I decided to have baby Alex join in the fun. He sat on my lap on the floor and to my astonishment within 30 seconds I had two giggling boys! They both thought the turtle was hysterical and then would laugh even more when they saw their brother laughing. This went on for a good five minutes. We were all laughing & smiling together. It was the first time that Eddie & Alex actively played together. Alex would put his foot along the path & the turtle would run into him. Eddie picked up the turtle & helped send him along the way. I know it was a small moment but it seemed like such the tip of the iceburg to the future & all the fun they are going to have together.
We were having so much fun I decided go find my camera. I put Alex his belly near Eddie and they both continued to watch the turtle race along its track. I had just pushed play when....Eddie pukes all over the turtles track! I previously mentioned I went to the grocery store, there I bought some yogurt raisins for Eddie to try. Well I guess he put a few too many in his mouth, because out they all came. Harshly snapping me back into the reality of true up your kids spiddle. Needless to say I won't be posting that video :-)

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