Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from the Beach!

We took an indirect approach to Ocean City, MD this year. A week ago Friday Josh, myself, the boys, Don & Diane all piled into a rented mini van and headed north to Vermont for Tony & Sharon's wedding. Grandpa & Nona babysat while Mom & Dad enjoyed a great evening out atop Killington's mountainside. Congrats to Tony & Sharon and your Carvel Ice Cream wedding cake was hands down Josh's favorite wedding cake EVER!! Sunday, we ate breakfast drove the five hours back to Rye. In a two hour turn around time we managed to exchange wedding suitcases for beach duffels, eat lunch, change diapers, pick tomatoes, feed the cat, say bye to Nona and head back in the mini van for another five hours to Ocean City, MD. Perhaps most impressive Josh & I were eating Dumser's Ice Cream by 11pm. Ocean City was great. It's not often these days that a family vacation includes not only grandparents but aunts & uncles as well. Our beach tent included Grandpa, Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Jared, Uncle Kyle & Aunt Meghan. Unfortunately Diane & Amanda were stuck back home working and couldn't enjoy the perfect seaside weather with us. Our vacation only had one major hiccup: Eddie, Josh & myself getting rocked by not one but TWO monster waves back to back. Unfortunately this happened on our first beach day and we spent the remainder of the week encouraging a terrified Eddie back to the waters edge.

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