Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well we survived our first holiday as a family of four. Josh was lucky enough to have the entire week of Christmas off and it was wonderful having him home. When I say we survived I mean we BARELY survived. Eddie started the week sick with a bad cold and after a trip to the doctor he was put on antibiotics. We were extremely saddened to put our dear Libby Cat to sleep on Monday. She was Kari's pet for over 10 years and Josh's first "real" pet. We all miss her very much. Despite all of this we had fun celebrating Hanukah each night and by night #3 Eddie was lighting the boys' Menorah all by himself. We drove down to Kyle & Meg's in the rain Christmas Eve and had a wonderful Christmas at their house. Christmas night Alex developed a pretty severe cough and Friday morning we were looking for a local pediatrician. The doctor said his cough (particularly at night) was only going to get worse through the weekend. So we cancelled our trip upstate to visit Kari's Mom's family as well as our trip to Baltimore. Josh was stuck watching the Ravens win at home with one sick boy (Alex) and one very cranky boy (Eddie). Now its back to reality for us all. Josh is back in the office and Kari's home quarantined with the boys. Alex is doing better, but he's not quite ready to be out & about yet. So despite it all we did have a nice holiday and here are pictures of a few of the highlights. Click here to view.

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