Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We had a great trip to Florida. Kari & the boys partied at the Ritz while Josh was busy at his conference. We had the beach entirely to ourselves each morning (no sleeping in for us). After the beach we headed to the pool where we were the first ones to arrive there as well (seriously there was NO sleeping in). Eddie & Alex had a blast playing in the gradual incline pool. Josh took off Friday and we spent the morning playing at the beach then headed for a long walk to lunch (long enough for both boys to fall asleep and for Mom & Dad to enjoy a relaxing meal outside in the sun). We spent the weekend with Great Aunt Helene & Unlce Bob (thanks for having us & babysitting both boys Friday night). Saturday we drove to the Lion Country Safari. Eddie loved seeing the lions, zebra, elephants & antelopes walking alongside our car. Poor Alex didn't have such a great view from his carseat. Sunday Cousin Taylor & Great Aunt Phyllis joined the party as we headed to an enormous local playground (very similar to Doylestown's Castle). Eddie & Taylor had a ton of fun racing around together. Then it was time to head to the airport to watch the Eagles blow a great comeback and in the air we watched the Ravens end their Superbowl dreams as well. We were hoping to end this Florida vacation by booking another Superbowl Florida vacation, but it just wasn't meant to be....

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