Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rockin' in Philly

We had a fun couple of days in Philly this weekend. Kari and the boys headed down after preschool Friday. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Grandpa then headed to Jenny's for a mini playdate with Baby Evin. We met up with Dad, Nona, Uncle Kyle & Aunt Meghan at Grandpa's basketball game. Granpda won (of course). Saturday morning Mom, Dad, Eddie & Alex headed into the city for a rockin' kiddie concert by our favorite singer, Ralph. His band, Ralph's World has mini music videos on the Disney Channel and we are always listening to his CDs in our car. We are official Ralph's World groupies!! After the concert mom had a fun afternoon at Cousin Jenn's baby shower while Dad & the boys hung out at Grandpa's. Grandpa & Nona had a fun evening babysitting the boys while Mom & Dad went out on the town for dinner & a movie (our first movie in about 2 years)!

Click for pictures from the weekend.

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