Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back from Florida!

We had a fun trip to Florida last week. We combined a little bit of vacation (Josh took off Monday & Friday), little bit of work (Josh had a conference Wednesday & Thursday) and little bit of family (we got to spend the weekend with Aunt Helene & Bob and went the the movies with Cousin Taylor Monday). Florida weather while not perfect, was consistent. Mornings were sunny & very hot and every afternoon there was a thunder shower forcing us indoors. So we spent our morning at the beach & pool and the afternoons at the movies & children's museums! The boys had a ton of fun. The highlight for Alex were the foot showers designed to take the sand off your feet. They were the perfect height and temperature for him to take a real shower and often preferred hanging by the shower instead of the pool. The highlight for Eddie was seeing baby sharks in the ocean. They came right up to the shore's edge, Josh & Eddie had a ton of fun spotting them.
(I had trouble cutting them down this time).

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