Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All American Weekend

We all had a really fun weekend and we jammed a lot in only three days. Mom & Alex picked Eddie up at camp Friday afternoon and the boys slept the full two and a half hour long car ride to visit Great Gramma Flaherty. We gave Great Gramma a special Hawaiin lei in honor of the 30th annual Swindlehurst family reunion the following day (we had a luau theme). Eddie, Alex & Mom had a slumber party at Aunt Linda's house while Dad & Uncle Kyle were having fun (and making money) at Atlantic City. The next day was the family reunion and the boys had a blast playing with all their third cousins. They swam in the lake, made candy necklaces, played kiddie games...The cooked pig arrived at 5pm and Dad ate the eye!! The rain stayed away long enough for us to eat dinner and then it began to pour as we ate dessert inside. Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and then headed to Lake Silkworth (Great Gramma Dennis's lake cottage) to go fishing. Read the previous blog for all the details. Eddie caught three fish that morning and it remains the highlight of a fabulous weekend. After fishing, we headed to Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park for a day of fun & rides with Grandpa, Nona & Nona's grandkids Max & Riley.

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Elwayeye said...

Kari, it looks like you put together a wonderful reunion - good job!! And thank you for not posting any pictures of Josh eating eyeballs. :)