Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playland with Uncle Jared & Maddie

Uncle Jared was in town for business this weekend and lucky for us he had to work Friday & Sunday leaving us Saturday to have fun. Friday night we barbecued up some shrimp (with Cousin Matt's famous Jimmy Buffett tailgating recipe) and played out back until Alex was ready for bed. Then Uncle Jared, Eddie & Josh headed to the beach to see Playland's fireworks. Uncle Jared most impressively slept until almost 9am despite both boys being wide awake & playing since 7am. A definite record for any previous house guest! Saturday morning Eddie, Josh & Uncle Jared got on the bikes and headed to two local fishing spots. The tide was way out so there was hardly any water and definitely no fish, but Eddie had fun finding & playing with crabs in the sand. The boys biked to Playland where they met up with Mom, Alex, Laura & Maddie for very HOT and fun afternoon. Maddie was a little intimidated by some of the rides but that didn't stop Eddie from going on as many as he could! Around 4pm we headed home & both boys fell asleep on the way. Alex woke up at 6pm just as the babysitter was arriving but Eddie was long asleep in our bed. The adults headed back to Playland to go on the "big kid" rides, while the boys stayed home with the sitter. When we got back we were shocked to learn Eddie NEVER woke up. We carried him into his bed around 11pm, gave him some milk & he slept to 6:30am this morning!! Thanks for a fun visit Uncle Jared!! Click to see more pictures of the fun.

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