Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Fish for Eddie!

Eddie's become a great little fisherman (& expert worm digger). Josh & he caught their first Rye fish last Saturday. It was small & skinny but it was a REAL fish and that's all that mattered to Eddie. We're spending this week with Grandpa & Nona and we hit up a local pond this afternoon. We could see really big goldfish swimming around and Eddie cast out his line to try and catch one. Meanwhile Alex busied himself feeding the ducks. Mom noticed fish swimming up to eat the bread so we decided to change the bait. Eddie started using breadballs and before we knew he had a fish!

1 comment:

Michele, TJ and Cameron said...

Looks like Eddie has a possible career as a professional fisherman.
Don't go starting any rumors:) Definitely not another one planned for a while. And yes, TJ is a huge Packer's fan. I'll see if he wants to make a little waiger.