Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Times in Baltimore

We had a great time in Baltimore the past two weekends for the Jewish holidays. It was wonderful for the boys to hang out & play with our large Baltimore family. Two shout outs for the boys' babysitters: Aunt Gayle had Eddie & Alex all to herself on Sunday (we're not sure who was more tired at the end of the day) and Honorary Uncle Matt who arrived (with a full stomach) just as everyone else was about to sit down for lunch and played hard with the boys for over two hours! Eddie and Alex met their newest cousin Baby Ella. While Ella didn't have many toys that interested the boys, Frankie (Ella's big dog brother) had plenty of toys to share--as you can clearly see in the video above. Thanks to Grandma and Granddad for a ton of fun and lots of treats. The boys loved their four slumber parties at your house and are looking forward to your Halloween visit. Click to enjoy pictures from Baltimore.

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