Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Week

We had a great week last week and wanted to share the highlights. Last Thursday night we took the boys to Sesame Street Live. I'm not sure what they enjoyed more the songs or the popcorn! Friday was Eddie's special Shabbat. Mom, Dad & Alex all headed to Eddie's class for the morning. We enjoyed playing, singing & eating together. Friday afternoon the boys headed to Grandpa & Nona's for a mini weekend vacation. Both boys had a ton of fun in Bucks County visiting farms, playgrounds, Chik-fil-A, Country Time and fishing. Mom & Dad picked the boys up Sunday morning as we headed to Fairview Farms Annual Cider Party. The ciders were delicious and the boys had fun playing with Kari's high school friends children. The highlight was clearly offroarding for Eddie. I apologize for the bad video ending...we just got a new camera and clearly I didn't read the owner's manual. Click for more pictures.

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