Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a FUN week!

We have had a great week. Cousins Jennifer, Chad & Baby Rebecca came up for a visit. We had a fun at the pool, farmer's market, and running around our backyard. We ate like king's as Josh grilled up shrimp & steak for dinner. Grandpa came up for the night Monday to watch Mom's softball team win their 2nd game of the season. Go Pub Ryots!! The boys took Grandpa to the beach where we collected shrimp, crabs, snails and hermit crabs in our buckets. Tuesday morning, Eddie gave Grandpa a tour of his classroom while Alex showed off his lefty swing off the Tee at his sports class. We even found the time to use Dad's fire pit. Eddie roasted & ate his first toasted marshmallow. YUM!! Looking forward to traveling to Baltimore this weekend for the 4th Annual Perlman family Reunion!

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