Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Rye Vacation!

If you have a toddler our home town isn't a bad place to visit. Our good friends (and former Rye residents) Jack & Sean came to town for a jam packed 48hours. We went to a Stroller Strides alumni class and picnic at the playground before heading to the local pool where we met up with our friends Ryan & Noah. Yes, that's SIX boys (three 4yr olds and three 2yr olds) at the pool. You can see the picture of snack time at the pool. Four boys came home, ate a good dinner and enjoyed popcorn and movie for dessert! Bedtime went a lot better than expected. Eddie, Alex and Jack slept together on a double blow up mattress and all were asleep by 8:15pm! The next day we head to Playland again with our stroller strides friends Jordan, Kayla & Tyler (all can be seen on the carousel together). We had a blast riding as many rides as possible. The roller coaster remains Eddie's favorite. So if you have a toddler and a free two're invited to our house for a mini vacation!

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