Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandma touched a Fish!!

Grandma and Grandad traveled up to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to check out what all the fun is about. Despite temperatures hovering around 100degrees we had a great time. We showed Grandma & Grandad all around Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park and even discovered new rides we hadn't tried before! Grandma drove the antique cars and the motor boats! We spent Friday night at Great-Gramma's cottage and spent Saturday morning fishing, swimming and canoeing in Lake Silkworth. Dad still can't believe how much fun Grandma had. She willing hooked a worm, unhooked a fish, had fun in the muddy lake water and excitedly went for a canoe ride! It was great family fun. Click for more pictures.

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Aunt Diane said...

Looks like all went well. Congrats to all who walked into the lake. Brian refuses to walk in the mud!