Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We got a BALL!!!

 Mom & the boys headed to Citizens Bank Park for one more Phillies game this season.  Since the Phillies are playing sub500 baseball we were able to get cheap tickets on StubHub.  Mom asked the boys if they could sit anywhere, where would it be?  The boys agreed "By the Ball Girl."  We had great seats in left field just a few rows behind the ball girl.  The Phillies were tied with the Marlins going into the bottem of the 7th until Jimmy Rollins hit a 2out 2run homerun to give the Phillies the lead.  The next batter was Juan Pierre (we had watched him closely all game playing leftfield right next to us).  Pierre hit a bomb to left field that kept coming closer & closer....the Marlins leftfielder, Austin Kearns, gave chase & also came closer & closer. Kearns caught the ball along the fence where we were sitting and immediately handed the BASEBALL over the fence to Eddie & Alex!!

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Aunt Diane said...

So, is this a ball for your museum...or will they be playing with it? - that is my question. :)