Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alex is 9 Months Old!

Yes, yes another month has come & gone. Alex is crawling all over the place. His two favorite spots are: Libby's catfood & water dish and Eddie's Thomas the train tracks. I don't think either Eddie or Libby are extremely happy about Alex's new mobility, but I will tell you Alex couldn't be happier. I'll catch him heading toward Libby's dish and I'll say "No, Alex." Like any good well-behaved child he stops, looks back & smiles at me before crawling even FASTER toward Libby's food.
We were lucky enough to be home every weekend this month. Eddie took a mini-vacation to Grandpa & Nona's one weekend while Grandma & Granddad came up for a surprise weekday visit. We filled our weekends with several fun toddler activities: Sesame Street Live, a Wiggles concert, a Day out with Thomas the Train, Playhouse Disney Live, Tot Shabbot and the boys Sunday swim classes with Dad. So despite being home we're keeping ourselves very busy.
Alex would like to report he has been known to sleep through the night on occaision but continues to wake up at 5:30am every morning BEFORE even Josh's alarm begins going off for work. Eddie continues to love school and had a great time at the movies on Tuesday seeing Madagascar II.

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