Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We're proud to say that Thanksgiving is the one Holiday (Jewish, Christian or American) that we NEVER travel for. Cooking dinner for 11 hungry family members & 2 cute boys is a small price to pay. Kari's crabcakes were the favorite appetizer and Josh's turkey came out of the oven beautiful...but that didn't last long as Kyle, Howard, Don & Josh devoured the turkey's extra salty skin in minutes. We broke a new record with desserts serving up 6 pies for 11 adults! Aunt Mindy's peanut butter pie was the first to be eaten entirely followed closely behind by Nona's homemade apple pie. Uncle Kyle & Aunt Meghan came up Wednesday to help with the prep, set the table & distract the boys Thursday morning while Kari & Josh were busy in the kitchen. Grandma & Grandad stayed through the weekend allowing Kari & Josh to have a date night Saturday. Thank you VERY much!! We only took a few pictures...Click here to view.

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