Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boys Family Party

We were excited to have the immediate family make the trip up to New York for the boys family birthday party. Uncle Jared & Aunt Amanda flew up Friday to have lunch with the boys before heading to Massachusetts for a fun day of skiing Saturday. Grandma & Grandad stayed with us for the full weekend while Grandpa, Nona, Uncle Kyle & Aunt Meghan all made the day trip Sunday. Of course we couldn't leave out our Rye family, neighbors Laura, Sara & the boys surrogate big sister Madeline.
Josh & Kari had a nice date night Saturday while Grandma & Grandad had even more fun babysitting. We were all happily snug in our beds by 10pm. Little did we know the real party was about to start in 3hours. Eddie was up at 1am screaming that his ear hurt. Alex was sleeping soundly at the time and Josh was beginning to complain of stomach pains. After over an hour of crying, Eddie finally settled down in Mom & Dad's bed. This is when Alex decided it was his turn to cry...With the bed already full Kari decided to give Alex a bottle in his room with the hopes of returning him quietly to his crib. While Kari was singing Alex back to sleep, Josh began to violently vomit (first in the sink & eventually the toilet). So while Eddie slept, Josh was puking, and Kari, Alex & Grandma were in the bathroom trying to help. Kari returned to the bed with both boys now. Josh set up camp in the floor of the boys room and once again everyone was asleep. But only for about 20 minutes because that's when the feeling hit Josh once again...back to the bathroom for Josh & Kari while the boys slept perpendicular in our bed.
Not the perfect start to what was supposed to be a very fun day. Josh stayed in bed until everyone started to arrive. Alex took a good long morning nap and Eddie was beginning to fade by the time the last guest had arrived. Time for lunch!! Alex was in good spirits despite a cough & constant runny nose, Josh was miserable & unable to eat anything and Eddie elected to skip lunch entirely and sleep in his stroller at the restuarant. Not exactly how Kari had planned things...
But presents & chocolate cake with peanut butter icing are enough to cheer anyone up! Even Josh couldn't resist a bite. The boys and Madeline had a ton of fun opening all the presents and playing with the new toys before they opened the next gift. Its was a great finish to a terrible start. The boys were asleep by 7pm, Josh by 8pm and Kari by 9pm.
Happy Birthday Eddie & Alex!! Click here for pictures.


Matthew said...

Glad the boys had a good time. I am so peeved that I wasn't able to make it up. I guess I'll get to see everyone for Passover. Feel better, Josh.

Elwayeye said...

Beautiful pictures - happy birthdays, Eddie and Alex! Sorry for all the sickness. :( Kari, I am definitely going to need the recipe for that chocolate cake with peanut butter icing - it sounds yummy!!