Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Eddie!

Eddie had a wonderful day from start to finish. He started the day opening up his presents from Alex and then headed off to school. Mom, Dad & Alex were invited the last hour of school for story, snack and gym time. Eddie read a Lightning McQueen book to his friends all by himself! It was Eddie's special Shabbat and he helped Dad light the candles in his classroom. Following our cupcake & challah snacks we headed off to the gym. Mom had a ton of fun playing tag and hide & go seek with Eddie's class. Alex made a great new friend in Owen. After school Eddie took a quick power nap before heading to his friend's party. He was lucky to have so many of his school & stroller strides friends together. Eddie opted out of eating any cake today, but don't feel bad he had plenty of icing!

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Michele, TJ and Cameron said...

Happy belated birthday Eddie. Cameron says thank you for the Badger sweats! He can't wait to wear it Friday to the hockey game.